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Red Oak Fancy Plywood
500 - 999 Pieces $5.12
Qing Dao
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Shandong, China
>500 Pieces

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Quality TypeRed Oak Fancy Plywood
FaceRed Oak,Natrual Teak, EV Teak, EP Teak, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Wenge, Beech, Maple, Ebony, Sapeli, Zabrawood, Rosewood, Apricot etc...
CorePoplar, Hardwood, Combi, Eucalyptus
GradeA, AA, AAA
GlueMR glue,E1,E2
Size(mm)1220×2440, 915*2135, other door size, or as requested
Thickness(mm)1.6mm-5mm or as your requested
Payment Terms

1. 100% L/C at sight

2. 30% T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight

3. 30T/T in advance, 70 T/T at sight of BL copy

Delievery TimeWithin 20 days after receiving 30% deposit or original L/C at sight

Fancy plywood, also called decorative plywood , is usually veneered with good-looking hardwood veneers , such as red oak, ash, white oak, birch, maple, teak, sapele , cherry, beech, walnut and so on . 

Fancy plywood is much more expensive than common commercial plywood . Generally speaking, the fancy face/back veneers (outer veneers) are about 2~6 times as expensive as common hardwood face/back veneers (such as red hardwood veneers, Okoume veneers, Red Canarium veneers, poplar veneers, pine veneers and so on) . In order to save costs, most of customers require only one side of plywood to be faced with fancy veneers and the other side of plywood to be faced with common hardwood veneers. Fancy plywood is used where the appearance of plywood is most important . So the fancy veneers should have good-looking grain and be top grade (A grade). Fancy plywood are very flat, smooth.

Red oak fancy plywood the characteristics of red oak fancy plywood

1. Board surface. The fancy plywood has four layers, namely the skin, the skin, the core and the back. The skin is a panel cut from rare wood to the thickness of paper. The skin, the core board, and the back board are collectively called the bottom board. The most important thing about the bottom board of the veneer board is that the bottom board is hard, flat and stable. Red oak fancy plywood, its biggest feature is that the bottom plate is very hard, flat, and stable.

2. Color. The color of the fancy plywood is the key to the beauty of its decorative effect. The color of the veneer board should not only be natural, real and bright, but also even. This requires the wood itself to go through a cooking process to destroy its fiber structure and make its color more uniform. The wood of the red oak fancy plywood is generally steamed for 6 to 7 days during the production process, so the color of the coastal veneer is very uniform.

3. Pattern. The annual rings of each tree are different. The color of the red oak fancy plywood is divided into patterns and straight lines, which are obtained by cutting the annual rings of wood in different ways. These colors are the accumulation of years, the charm of time, and the incarnation of beauty.

4. Materials. Oak has excellent material properties: oak has heavy and hard texture, straight texture, coarse structure, elegant color and beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, and wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawn and cut.


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